About Our Service

Why does Inside Track Exist?

Inside Track was started in 1997 to make the car buying process easier with less haggling and more attention focused on the proper leasing or financing requirements for the customer. We believed that ITC could accomplish saving of time & money for the consumer through our complete professional full service program.

Why is Inside Track different from other online car buying services?

Inside Track Canada acts on behalf of the customer as an agent and negotiates the complete deal for the customer from start to finish. The majority of competing online companies are referral-based businesses that direct the customer back to the salesman at the dealership leaving the customer to haggle their own vehicle purchase.

How does Inside Track Canada save the consumer Time & Money?

Inside Track Canada conducts business Nationally throughout Canada. We have access to dealer costs and manufacturing rebates for every make & model of vehicle.  With having access to this information combined with volume sales, ITC can save the consumer a good amount of time shopping from dealer to dealer and money by negotiating with our large national dealer base the lowest possible cost of purchase.

Why does Inside Track Canada charge a fee for its service?

We charge a small $49.95 service charge for two reasons, to cover the overhead costs of researching your vehicle and producing comprehensive reports along with negotiating the best possible deal with the dealers on behalf of the customer.  Allows only serious buyers to our program. This eliminates the customer from getting a free ITC quote then having the customer present this quote as a bargaining tool at the dealership.

How do I know I am receiving the lowest price possible?

Inside Track Canada guarantees the lowest possible price on all vehicle requests. If the consumer matches or betters the price for the same vehicle requested, you kindly send ITC a copy of your sold dealer invoice and we fully refund your $49.95 service fee with no questions asked.

How much money do I save with Inside Track Canada?

All vehicle deals vary in savings. With the way ITC conducts business the dealership saves on their overhead using our service and the savings is forwarded on to the consumer.

How long has Inside Track Canada been in business?

Inside Track Canada has operated business strictly in Canada since 1997. We have increased our sales in the first 2 years of operation in excess of 200% per year. Our services are offered Nationally in Canada from coast to coast.

Does Inside Track Canada deal in used vehicles?

Inside Track Canada deals with selling your trade-in vehicle in the marketplace for the highest possible price. We currently do not sell used vehicles, but our Company Vision is estimated to start by March 2002.

What is Inside Track Canada guarantee?

Our guarantee is quite simply if you match or better our sales price quoted, ITC will fully refund your $49.95 service charge no questions asked. ITC only stipulation is to send us a copy of your sold dealer invoice for verification purposes.

I’m nervous about the car buying experience; do I have to deal with the dealership or sales person if I choose your service?

With our service, you do not deal with the any sales personnel at the dealership. This is what sets Inside Track Canada apart in the online car-buying marketplace. Our ITC Automotive Consultants handle the complete process of purchasing a vehicle from start to finish. The only transaction with the dealership is for a test drive or to pick up your sold vehicle in which ITC Automotive Consultant will arrange these dealings with our representatives at a near by affiliated dealership.

Who will contact me when my lease expires, or when I am ready to trade-in my Vehicle?

Inside Track Canada’s Automotive Consultant will contact you 4 months prior to your vehicle lease expiry. We have developed a very sophisticated customer database that enables us to track all your vehicle history.

Are all the manufacturing warranties the same when buying through Inside Track Canada?

Absolutely! Inside Track Canada negotiates the deal for our customer with all the discounts and warranties coming directly from the appropriate manufacturers. We do not issue separate new vehicle warranties independent to the manufacture. The warranties are exact to what the dealerships offer the consumer.

Is Inside Track Canada a leasing Business?

Absolutely Not! Inside Track Canada are Specialized Automotive Consultant and we arrange the sale or lease of vehicle for our clients through our participating dealers.

How Does It Work

Does Inside Track Canada handle the transaction from start to finish in hassle free manner?

Inside Track Canada business model is to handle the complete vehicle transaction from start to finish. This includes vehicle price, lease or finance rates & approval, comprehensive vehicle reporting, licence & insurance information, new plate requests or plate transfers, trade-in request (old vehicle), test drives and even personal delivery of your new vehicle if requested to your residence or work place. All of these processes are fulfilled in a professional and hassle free manner!

Can I talk to your Automotive Consultant about my deal?

Inside Track Canada have Automotive Consultants available for service from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm est and helps in all aspects of your vehicle purchase. All of our Automotive Consultants are fully experienced in the automotive new car buying profession. ITC commitment is to the customer and has a toll free 1-888-482-4577 phone line available for any questions, feedback or concerns that you may encounter.

Is your site secure?

System security is something that Inside Track Canada address at a very high level. An advanced SQL database back end, coupled with a secure (128 bit industry standard SSL) web server provides the engine that deliver dynamic at excellent speed. ITC uses Royal Bank’s E-select online credit card processing that is fully secure using SSL encryption.

How many vehicles can I request at a time?

You are allowed up-to 6 vehicle requests at a time for your $49.95 service charge. This allows a you to make a fair comparison without becoming too confused regarding which vehicle to choose. Comprehensive research and reporting is done on all six-vehicle requests to optimize your decision process.

Will Inside Track Canada recommend a vehicle based on my needs?

Inside Track Canada Automotive Consultants base all their decisions and recommendations strictly on the customers required needs for a new vehicle acquisition. We present a series of questions to the customer about their immediate and long-term needs of the vehicle and then proceed to research the vehicle through our participating dealer base. ITC Consultants recommend vehicles that are in your budget requirements and conform to the specification you provide.

Can I test drive a vehicle or vehicles as part of your service?

Yes you can test drive the vehicles you requested. Inside Track Canada will arrange the test drive of the vehicle with our representative at a near by participating dealership.

How long does it take Inside Track Canada to respond to my new car request?

ITC Consultant will respond within a 48-hour period of your vehicle request. ITC currently averages a 24-hour response time of your personnel vehicle request.

How does Inside Track Canada respond to my request?

As part of our online customer request form, we ask the customer what is the best way for ITC to contact you personally. Inside Track Canada responds to the customer’s request via phone, fax, or e-mail.

What about my trade-in vehicle?

Yes, Inside Track Canada deals with shopping your trade-in vehicle in the marketplace for the highest possible price. Our trade-in request form asks detail question regarding your trade-in vehicle.

What information do you include in your reports?

Our comprehensive Preferred Pricing Reports include payment information via our lease or finance worksheet. Vehicle Profile of interior and exterior features, dimensions, Manufacturers warranty, standard and selected options & safety features. From our state of the art Vehicle database, ITC Automotive Consultants can tailor make your reports to almost any type of information you may require.

How do I take delivery of my new vehicle?

All deliveries are handled by ITC and we are pleased to accommodate the customer several ways. ITC Automotive Consultants arrange for your vehicle to be picked up via our participating dealer closest to your location. We also have a value added service of delivering your vehicle to your residence or place of employment at no extra cost.

Does Inside Track Canada advise me on Buying vs. Leasing?

ITC Automotive Consultants will advise its customers on buying or leasing relating to interest rates, discounts or any other incentives offered by the manufacturer. As well several other factors are involved such as kilometers driven and being able to expense the costs of the vehicle. Our service is to best advice the customer on all options available to them in the marketplace in determining the right choice for least available cost.

Does Inside Track Canada have access to special finance or lease rates offered by the Manufacturers?

Inside Track Canada has access to all the available special finance and lease rates offered by the Manufacturers. At times, ITC can offer even better rates than the Manufacturers & Dealers.

Can Inside Track Canada offer other forms of financing?

Inside Track Canada can offer other forms of financing. Our Automotive Consultants will shop the market for the best available financing for our customers.


Is your site secure?

System security is something that Inside Track Canada address at a very high level. An advanced SQL database back end, coupled with a secure (128 bit industry standard SSL) web server provides the engine that deliver dynamic at excellent speed.  Our online credit card processing is fully secure with Royal Bank e-select using SSL encryption

Can I submit my request and payment information via phone or online through?

Yes, you can submit your vehicle request and payment information via phone or fax and soon to be online. Our automotive specialists will contact you within a maximum 48 hours of your request. Confirmation of your service charge payment is done same business day.

Does my name get added or sold to other companies?

Inside Track Canada doesn't sell any of our customer names to other companies. Literature or direct marketing material is given out only upon your consent to do so.

Do you store my credit card?

No we do not store your credit card.