Buy New or Used?  Which vehicle should I buy?  

If you have ever shopped for a used vehicle you know it can be a daunting task.  While there is no shortage of used vehicles for sale in the marketplace, they can vary greatly in both quality and value for the dollar. Many of the late model vehicles for sale are former daily rental vehicles and have been imported from the United States.

Common Used Car Buying Mistakes 

     Consider these questions when buying a used vehicle!

  1. How hard was it driven by the previous owner, or in the case of daily rentals, the multiple drivers of varying ages and driving styles?
  2. Was it properly maintained by previous owner or daily rental company?
  3. Was this vehicle in an accident and repaired and repainted?
  4. Is this vehicle reliable?
  5. Is this the best choice for me and my family based on our needs?
  6. Is this the right price for this vehicle?
  7. Are these the best finance terms I can get?
  8. Is the extended warranty worth it or a rip off?
  9. What about all the other aftermarket items they are trying to sell me?


How Can Inside Track Help You In your Used Car Search

Since we are an independent dealer, we can negotiate on your behalf without the dealer knowing who the client is, since we can speak in their terms, we can usually come to their bottom line price without the laborious negotiation process a client can experience in the used car department.


We have the experience and an established reputation in the industry and many long-term dealer relationships, dealers cannot fool us and they know it

Value For Money

Since we know what the vehicle have originally sold for, we can evaluate a vehicles depreciation history to determine if the vehicle is priced right based on current market conditions

Unbiased Opinions

We are not a used car dealer, we search the entire market acting as an agent on your behalf, as an independent we can offer valuable insight as to a vehicles reputation for reliability, resale value.

Don't Buy A Lemon

We ensure the vehicle's history is disclosed via a CarProof or CarFax report which shows a vehicle's ownership history, accident history and lien report throughout North America

Lower Interest Rates

We provide alternative finance and lease options from what the selling dealer is offering, often providing significant savings in interest costs to our client

Dealer Add-Ons and Upsells

Protect the client form overpriced or unnecessary aftermarket items, negotiate on the price of the extended warranty if our client wishes to purchase it


Re-conditioning is an underrated aspect of any used vehicle, we examine what has been done in this area based on our industry knowledge of specific vehicles to determine if the proper reconditioning has been invested in the vehicle prior to re-sale.

No Pressure - No Hassle

Since the final price all in has already been negotiated in advance, you can visit the dealership, with an appointment arranged by us, to simply drive and inspect the vehicle. If you like you buy it for the pre-negotiated price and finance terms or you can walk away with no further obligations and without the worry of trying to get your deposit back

New Vs Used

Compare used vehicle pricing to new vehicle pricing to ensure the used vehicle scenario actually makes sense, which often times it does not because of new vehicle incentives, interest rates and the protection of a new vehicle warranty


Contact us with your requirements and a Used Vehicle Automotive Consultant will reach out to you to discuss your specific needs.

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