Savvy consumers engage professionals for all the important money related areas of their lives, financial planning, taxes, real estate etc. Doesn’t it make sense to have an unbiased professional consultant for your automotive needs, probably your second biggest expenditure next to your home?   


Let's Compare Inside Track Canada Other Car Buying Services
Complete the transaction from start to finish Yes DON'T complete the transactions they send you back to a dealer to continue negotiations
Analyze all types of purchase options Yes DON'T provide detailed financial analysis or advice on whether to lease or buy
Unbiased opinions on products and value Yes DON'T recommend vehicles based on your needs and value in the marketplace
Sophisticated trade-in bid process maximizes value Yes DON'T shop your trade-in to maximize its value
The price you receive is what you pay, no extra fees, no add-ons, no aftermarket pressure Yes DON'T protect you from extra fees, add-on or aftermarket sales tactics
Deliver to your home or office Yes DON'T deliver the vehicle to your home or office
Compare various makes and models of vehicles Yes DON'T have multi-vehicle comparison services including all incentives, discounts, factory rebates and interest rate specials
Handle lease returns Yes DON'T assist in the return of your lease